VidEp 004: Dear Black People…About Jordan Edwards

In this video, I share my feelings, observations, and suspicions around why the Jordan Edwards tragedy has made it into the current news cycle and into the Black Twitterverse’s hashtag archives.

In this video I mention:

  1. Why you should follow the news cycle of a white police officer on black male incidents to detect how these incidents correlate to upcoming elections.  How they conveniently correlate to when Democrats are politically vulnerable or totally out of power (e.g. needing to regain majorities in the House, Senate or gain The Presidency). 
  2. Project Veritas investigative sting where PV went undercover and to learn the ropes by shadowing a DNC operatives who spilled all the tea on their election cycle tactics to win elections.  Things they reveals were  nonprofits that admitted to voter fraud, being paid by DNC to do “ground operations” and provoking/creating fights at conservative events  (e.g. “conflict engagement” “starting anarchy”) and feeding those narratives to our trusted news sources at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the like.
  3. Darren Seals.  Read about Darren and follow the links that may or may not still be live. 

What do you think? Am I reaching? Or, am I on to something?  Sound off…


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