Critical Thinking 101| For the Culture | Tomi Lahren & Trevor Noah Case Study

“For the Culture.” 

       That is the new slang the “cool kid” influencers in culture are saying today.  Well, may I do a little something for the culture like remind us how to think critically? This will be a two-part series with the first video, below, being a quick refresher course from your sophomore year of college.  I hope they are still teaching critical thinking today.  Anyhoo…below find video one of two.

Know that this series has been on my bucket list to do for ten months.  But, more important things in my life took precedent in addition to not having the right tools.  Now that I have improved my tools (I still don’t have all the audio/visual expertise here) I feel I have a good enough presentation to allow the main message to come across. 

And that message is, the culture is NOT thinking well.  What is being considered “debate,” today, is NOT–especially in the political discussions.  That’s why I left the discussion for a time. I suffered political fatigue and, consequently, have decided to NEVER discuss politics with family, friends, and a great many black people I know. 

I no longer have the mental bandwidth and it’s just not good for my health to talk politics with some people, today.  Especially, considering how folks are, now, eager to become violent against conservative thinkers.

That said, today’s political discourse is a disappointing illustration of sloppy emotional thinking powered by political correctness,  smothered in propaganda with a side of a social vanity. 

     I watched this “debate”  between Tomi and Trevor online earlier this year because it was trending on social media. And the tragedy is several million people seemed to think this was a “debate.”  And, most everyone commenting concluded that Trevor won the debate.  And more alarming, is you have very highly educated people reasoning, confidently, in such a fallacious manner. It’s common to notice politicians, presidents, news reporters, academics, professionals, students, etc., argue fallaciously. 

Now, to be fair, we are all guilty.  I’m guilty.  When emotions get high…we sometimes reason poorly and argue below the belt.

The difference is having the integrity and intellectual honesty to correct yourself or allow yourself to be, respectfully, corrected. 

This is what motivated me to create this video so as to “remind us” how to think properly so as to not allow our emotions or personal sensitivities (e.g. racism, gender, religion, etc.) to be exploited by political manipulators and their allies in news media, entertainment, academics, or other influential platforms.

    You will have to watch the video to hear what I, personally, think about this discussion as it was NOT a debate. So, let the case study or should I say analysis begin.  Watch part one and tell me what you think?  Am I onto something?  Or, am I on one? 

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