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What do I hear? Are those crickets? Where is the parade of reports of police brutality incidents that lead the news cycle during the Obama administration–especially the last four years?  There have been none leading the news cycle post-2016 election?  I wonder why that is? What happened to the epidemic? Oh yeah! It has no more political capital.


Progressives re-opened the police brutality political account in 2012 with Trayvon Martin.  Then they filled it up with the currency of hard to prove incident after incident from 2012 to early-mid 2016.  This narrative asserts, without question, that white cops are, inherently, racist. It assumes, without question, that white cops go about their beat, intentionally, targeting innocent black males to harass and even kill.

This narrative first gained cultural popularity, via the advent of television in the 1950s and 60s.  For the Black Panthers, the original “resistance movement,” were featured most prominently on TV in the context of police brutality–surely increasing ratings.  For the Panthers lived in the middle of the civil rights crisis and had legit police and government grievances.

Consequently, the Panthers and other blacks had more palatable reasons to be suspicious and fearful the police than 21st-century black males–many who live quite cushy privileged lives, today.

But because of the inferiority complex scar left upon the black psyche (by experiencing slavery and Jim Crow and passing those testimonies down generations), police brutality has become an easy sell to the black community.

A sell that usually yields significant political power to Democrats.  But, 2016 was disappointing to the liberal cultural and political manipulators who usually play this trump card–with great political gains. (no pun intended).  🙂


When the political bias of these narratives became so obvious (stories ALWAYS involved a white officer and black male), the liberal media had to adjust to appear impartial.  So they were diligent to scan the country’s 911 wires for more diverse police brutality claims.  There were claims from women like Sandra Bland and children like Tamir Rice. Then they sprinkled in a few incidents where cops were shown roughing up black kids in classrooms and pool parties in order to produce the desired “black community outrage” and keep tensions around the issue high.

Then, they had to change the narrative, again, to be more palatable as they were overplaying their hand with the issue.   The “police are racist targeting black men” narrative could no longer be supported with hard data, so they had to make it a “general police culture problem” that needed to be solved with diversity training and community policing.

This narrative started to circulate when irrational Black Lives Matter advocates and pundits could no longer justify (with intellectual honesty) their angry, non-productive protesting strategies.

For, it started to become obvious that there was a foul spirit motivating the going narratives around police officers that encouraged a “distrust and hatred” of police to the point of them being murdered.

So, then you started seeing the most outspoken activists and critics of police posting about “good cops” like Officer Tommy, for example.

The conspiracy theorist in me suspects cultural influencers from politicians to activist rappers and entertainers, to media organizations, to influential black bloggers all got a talking point memo handed down from the racism industrial complex headquarters–instructing them to fall back on the venom and relax the narrative.



That stated it would be intellectually DISHONEST not to acknowledge that a large part of law enforcement’s legacy in America was to be an extension of a dominant white supremacist power structure.  That legacy is as recent as in the past 50 years.

Intellectual honesty also demands acknowledgment that of all the high profile police brutality cases reported by media between 2012 and 2016 (even a couple in 2017), there were four that stood out as unprovoked or aggravated by the victim with evidence suggesting an over-reaction and excessive force on the part of the police.

And, I also include one notable case, in particular, that was NOT, incessantly, featured as other cases Black Lives Matter and the Media championed.  There may be more unprovoked cases but I’m only aware of these at the moment.  Those unprovoked cases were:

  1. Tamir Rice
  2. Philando Castile
  3. Walter Scott
  4. Jordan Edwards

The abandoned black male murder NOT duly reported or investigated was of  Darren Seals (Ferguson Activist family friend of Mike Brown murdered execution style September 2016).


But the narrative that insisted upon automatically assuming guilt and making the police officer the villain–way BEFORE any investigation of the incidents occurred, started becoming very unpopular.  Nevermind that most black people would be outraged to experience being accused, in the same manner, of a crime before an investigation was complete.  Lest I digress.

For, it started to look wack, inconsistent, and intellectually dishonest for the same people who complained so viciously about the police–to be the same people who NEEDED the police the most due to high crime activity in their communities.

Not to mention, the other people who looked hypocritical as they mounted their social justice unicorns to complain about poverty and police violence.

You know them.  They never miss a public opportunity to feel good about themselves by “lending their voice” (and social media accounts) to some social issue.

You’ve seen them. They are the privileged black and white intellectuals and celebrities.  Moral busybodies whose egos constantly betray them whispering how their opinion and their “art”  (often hollow, basic, perverse, offensive, and lacking moral clarity) are needed to change the world.

You’ve smelled them.  The faux social justice warriors.  The toy revolutionaries.

You’ve heard them.   Nostalgic 1960s activist wannabes. Using antiquated, unoptimistic, uninspiring language to describe race relations in the 21st century.  Those who get morally outraged on “cue.”  Those full of critique and empty on deliverable solutions.   Those ACTORvist–who, likely, live in gated communities with off-duty police officers as their personal security.



Yet, after all the political semantics and verbal gymnastics to frame and re-frame the “white police are the enemy of black males and people” narrative, these cultural deposits into the police brutality account still did not yield the 2016 political return liberals expected.

These narratives didn’t help Hillary as they helped Obama win re-election in 2012.  And oh!  Have you figured out yet that Trayvon’s case was all the news in 2012 because it was Obama’s re-election year?  And, Mike Brown became all the news in summer 2014 just in time for the 2014 mid-terms?

But in 2016, it seems the public caught on and police brutality lost all its juice for Hillary–because as usual, liberals over-play their political advantages.


So my fellow black people,  be informed that black social justice issues will no longer dominate the news cycle.

They are no longer politically valuable as a stand-alone issue.  They’ve been demoted to the dollar menu of social justice grievances for influential newsmakers. Black social justice issues are, now, apart of a liberal social justice gumbo made up of women, illegal immigrants, Muslims, and blacks, all seasoned with the spicy flavorings of hostile LBGT demands.

Liberals have opened new political capital accounts where women, undocumented Hispanics, and Islamaphobia lead the news cycle. These are the new marquee social justice issues for the Democrat Party.  Liberals bank on these groups having the highest return on invested political capital in the 21st century.


So what am I saying?   I’m saying divorce these liberal leeches and exploiters of our history and ancestral pain. To all my fellow peers in the black community who ride so hard and dirty for liberals and Democrats, I hope this post made you mad enough at me to VERIFY what I’m suggesting.

I don’t want you to become a Republican or conservative, independent, or libertarian.  I just want you to become a smart, critical-thinking, side-eye-giving, impartial, hard-question-asking voter who is not easily offended, deceived, and exploited.  I want you to be a voter who pledges allegiance to what proves true NOT what you and your racial or cultural group prefer to be true.


Finally, I will respect and take seriously the BLM movement, progressive and mainstream news media, black activists, black reporters, black politicians, black athletes, black entertainers, black social media influencers (who regularly weigh on race issues in America ) and all the enabling white people feeling guilty about their white privilege…when I see the unjust murder of Darren Seals trending like Trayvon, Mike Brown and others.

Until he is hash-tagged. Until his murder is investigated. Until he is talked about, incessantly and with indignation, on The View,  on The Breakfast Club,  on MSNBC, on Don Lemon and other CNN shows, etc, then MISS ME. 


Miss me with all this civil rights nostalgia and social media activism (social vanity) provoked by political manipulators exploiting people’s pain, greed, and need to be socially accepted in communities and something bigger than themselves.

For some, race and political activism has become a god. Finally, miss me with these unproductive, bipolar, toddler-like, and often cowardly displays of protest in the name of justice.

For as evidence stands right now, in the saged words of DJ Khaled…

Learn about Darren

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