Allow me to introduce myself…..

Black Conservative Political & Social Commentary

“The truth doesn’t need any [hostile] defenders, only humble presenters.”

Hello. My name is Tisha. My personal Facebook timeline is incriminating evidence that I am a self-appointed, black conservative political and cultural analyst. ūüôā¬† ¬†

Ha!  No seriously, The Clear Perspective Show (CPS) is a blog, podcast, and vlog (depending upon my time and mental bandwidth) aiming to compare and contrast competing ideas around social and political issues believing the cure for a bad idea is a better idea.

You have likely heard it said that you don’t know you had it so bad or wrong until you are presented with a better alternative or new information.

Many of us have had experiences in life, i.e., jobs or relationships, where this rings true.¬† I bet you are saying in response, “Right on sistah. I second that emotion.”¬† ¬†

Well in a similar fashion, I hope to get my listeners and readers to say, “Right on sistah,” to some of the unpopular, ideas I dare fix my mouth to present–here.¬†

At least, I hope to give you an “aha” moment of clarity.¬† An awakening from bamboozlement.

For, I observe and, consequently, believe that American culture is experiencing the consequences of a lot of bad ideas to which certain competing ideas are being, intentionally, mischaracterized, marginalized, or silenced because these competing ideas threaten the popular going narrative.

I not only observe but experience this to be heart-breakingly true in black communities across America–starting in my own household with beloved family members.¬†

These¬†bad ideas, which I, too, once believed, are transmitted to us via the¬†culture’s primary influencers which are academia, the news media, entertainment media/Hollywood and, now, the internet.¬†

These influencers, collectively, have been feeding the American public a one-sided narrative on race, religion, politics, and economics for at least six decades. 

A narrative born out of ideas many of us assume is good, right, or normal because we have been accustomed to hearing these influencers (usually people we respect) defend the narrative (aka bad ideas) for decades. 

In other words, I believe¬†ALL ideas should be heard so people can have an opportunity to discern and consider an idea’s merit or value to improve their life.¬†

I believe ideas are a commodity and, consequently, should compete, in the marketplace of ideas, unencumbered by political manipulators and their allies in academia, news media, internet, and Hollywood.

CPS is here to insert that new information–those other ideas–that I am certain will improve your¬†life if objectively considered and adopted.

I guarantee, if you take time to read or listen, you will be better for it.¬† You will gain clarity and, possibly, motivation to take certain actions to improve your thinking skills and all aspects of your life–of which politics affects a huge part.¬†

For example, politics affects your ability to keep all or most of the hard earned money you make. Your ability to be free to speak your mind, worship, and do as you please.¬† Your ability to afford healthcare costs–especially as you age.¬† Your ability to pursue your dreams.¬† Your ability to protest or sue your government without fear of loss of life or livelihood.¬† Politics affects your very freedom to do all of the above.

To that end, you can expect stimulating commentary on current events, politics, spiritual life, and an occasional wellness or relational harmony post.  

You can also expect solocasts of my humble opinions as well as occasional guests relevant to topics at hand.  

Finally, expect a teeming comment section in which you can engage me and tell me exactly what you think about my worldview and, often, unpopular perspectives on the issues of the day.  

For while these topics are very serious, I don’t take myself or politics too seriously.¬† I’m not a slave to my ego.¬† I’m not blogging to be right or famous.¬† And, I’m unashamed to backtrack when I learn my thinking or communication is in error.¬† ¬†

I’m speaking, now, because it’s just time.¬† It’s time I model the kind of solution-oriented conversation around politics I want to see.¬†

For, I’m tired of watching smart and insightful people being ignored, insulted, marginalized and mischaracterized for holding conservative political ideas.¬†

So, CPS is my safe-controlled space.¬† It gives me a platform to speak constructively and informatively–without being forced to respond to people’s ego who would often engage me, presumptuously, as if I was seeking to talk politics for sport¬†and their sole goal was to outwit or out fact me.¬† Sigh.¬† These encounters proved a colossal waste of my time and energy.

But now I’m speaking, via CPS, because being silent prevents me from being all of myself. It’s time I let folks know why conservative political ideas make sense to me and are, even, smart for individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and society.

For most who are repulsed by conservatives have NO IDEA who we are and why we adopt these social and economic principles.  They have NO IDEA because they exist in echo chambers and have no consistent or meaningful relationships with conservative people. 

Conservatives, on the other hand, have no choice but learn how to respect, tolerate, coexist, love, and, even enjoy, the very liberal/progressive/Democrats who despise them. 

How?  Because liberal social and political ideas dominate academia, most workplaces, and popular culture. 

Now that you understand my intent and motivation, do you feel me and my good energy?¬† Do you like my tone and how I’m showing up in the world with CPS?¬† If so, then show it by SHARING and telling others.¬†

At the very least, I hope to entertain you and make you laugh.

Help me change the narrative and reverse the cultural miseducation about conservatism among my peers in Gen X,  Millennials, and future generations.  

Malcolm X gives you a clue to where a lot of my political analysis will be going.  Take a listen.



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